Another Man

In production

After enduring the Inquest into his father’s suicide, traumatised Noel reluctantly turns to his father’s therapist, Phillip, for answers.

When their relationship falters, suspicions grow and pretence becomes lost to the truth.

Another Man is a story about a son trying to acknowledge his own identity through the understanding of his father’s death; asking the ultimate 21st Century question ‘what is a man?’


In production

In the Summer of 2018 – The World Cup comes to town.

Andrei is a self-styled artist, designer and devoted Fratria. His dream to create a banner for the opening game bearing the Fratria Mantra ‘If the heart does not beat, honour is not sold out’.

For 6 months he’s been embroidering a piece of modern art by hand. It is astounding. But with money running out will he sell his most precious asset to finish the banner and prove his devotion to his faith, the Fratria.