Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss – Global brand launch

The Summer of Ease

Launching Hugo Boss’s global spring/summer platform was a dream assignment. Responsible for both the creative and production, we considered a range of media opportunities and crafted the creative for a suite of social (Instagram stories, Instagram posts, Facebook and Youtube – preroll and videos) as well as digital out of home posters and instore digital signage.

Our platform came from the simple truth that the very best summers are filled with ease. So, we created a world where ease existed in every corner, in every setting, in everyone. To document this we enlisted Hugo Boss brand ambassadors Sebastian Stan (I, Tonya, Captain America & Destroyer) and Victoria Secret’s model, Romee Strijd.

What we were most proud of? The ability to work alongside the client creating real-time updates to the creative and media plan, which culminated in a fashion season launch that was both brave as well as standing out in a saturated market.

5 films were shot in total that chronologically told the story of what a day in the summer of ease world would look like.

Our ‘always on’ content matrix ensured the right audience was constantly engaged through the campaign including an influencer social plan that spoke to the right market at the right time during the launch.